Black Raspberry Extract Supplement

What Is Black Raspberry Extract?

Black Raspberry Extract

For years, the LSU Health Sciences Center and the LSU AgCenter has been on a quest to find new therapies to treat tumors and many different types of cancer. According to recent discoveries in the laboratory, the pigmentation that is found in black raspberries may offer significant protection against cancer and may also help treat tumor by inhibiting angiogenesis.

Black Raspberry Extract have been long known for having powerful antioxidant properties. The AgCenter’s Zhijun Liu said that an extract taken from black raspberries inhibited the angiogenic process in human cadaver tissue and it was also able to reduce tumor growth by 50% in laboratory animal studies. Angiogenesis is the process that describes the growth of new blood vessels that should not be growing. The majority of angiogenic processes are caused by diseases in the body with the exception of physiological processes such as placental formation and menses.

Black Raspberry Extract for Cancer

The fact is that tumors cannot grow beyond 0.08 inches without new blood vessel formation. By preventing these new blood vessels from forming, it also prevents cancer and tumors from developing any further so that it can be eliminated through oxygen therapy and nutrient treatments.

“Inhibition of angiogenesis contributes to the inhibition of cancer. If you can inhibit angiogenesis, you can inhibit tumor growth. Therefore, the tumor will remain the same size because it can’t grow new blood vessels or obtain nutrients through other new blood vessels,” Liu said.

Advantages Of Black Raspberry Extract

Black Raspberry Extract Dr Oz

One of the advantages of black raspberries is that the antioxidant compounds can be obtained by merely eating the berries. However, Liu said that the berry compounds must be standardized into a concentrated extract before they will be effective enough to treat tumors and prevent cancer.

“In its concentrated form, the extract completely inhibited angiogenic initiation and angiogenic growth at the same dose,” Liu said of the laboratory experiments.

In a study that involved rats which were implanted with human pancreatic tumors, some rats were given black raspberry extract while the rest were not given anything at all. The results showed that black raspberry extract was able to stop the growth of the pancreatic tumors.

The overwhelming evidence that black raspberries are effective in treating tumors and preventing cancer has lead to the filing of a patent for black raspberry extract as a cancer treatment.

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